Al Hasanath
Dear Brothers and Sisters, Assalaamu alleikum.

With the help of almighty Allah, Al-Hasanath (Institute of Qur`an & basic Islam) was opened in July 2007, with the main focus of teaching basics of Islam to the growing number of Japanese Muslim ladies, ladies of other nationalities, and children.

Lessons are free of charge, conducted by a group of devoted sisters.
We request all Muslim sisters living in and around Aichi ? Toyota area to join Al-Hasanath and make use of this opportunity.

Please enroll your selves and your children by applying online or by fax, using the forms below.

We also welcome sisters who would like to teach as volunteers.

アッサラーム アライクム
アラーのお導きの下、クルアーンの学習とイスラム教の基本学習を日本在住ムスリムの子供たちと日本人ムスリム女性、 各国ムスリム女性の方々に指導します。
Al Hasanath Al Hasanath
Al Hasanath Al Hasanath
For Children Saturday Please call us
Sunday Please call us
For Japanese Ladies Sunday Please call us
And Other Ladies Sunday Please call us
子供初級クラス 毎週土曜日 電話して下さい
毎週日曜日 電話して下さい
日本人(女性) 毎週日曜日 電話して下さい
各国(女性) 毎週日曜日 電話して下さい
Masjidul Hasanath Toyota Jummah Mosque
Aichi-ken Toyota-shi Tsutsumi-cyo Aoki 28-1
E-mail :
ハサナス マスジド トヨタ モスク
E-mail :
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Fax Sheet
Fax No.0565-54-1675